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Home Humidity & Whole Home Dehumidifier Installations

Many homeowners struggle with the amount of moisture that is in their home & their home’s crawl space. Unfortunately, the moisture from the crawl space may slowly seep into the house, causing costly issues such as: floor deterioration, mold growth, musty odors, condensation on the windows and walls, and wet insulation. Moisture, though, may not be the only worry. Since most residential crawl spaces are vented, this gives perfect access to other pests such as bugs, insects, and even termites.

Whole Home Dehumidifiers are a great solution to help reduce the humidity level throughout your entire home, not just a few rooms. This dramatically increases your comfort level and greatly reduces the risk of moisture related damage to your home. Reduced humidity levels help to prevent mold and mildew development, which can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

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Reduce Utility Bills: Less moisture in the air allows for your HVAC system to not have to work as hard. This helps the system not run as long, reducing the energy usage of your home.

Protection to Your Home: Dehumidification systems can help to prevent mold, fungal, & other growths in your home or under your home. This growth can be detrimental the foundation and crawl space, so it's important to have protection from the dehumidifier.

Protection to Your Health: The prevention of mold, fungal, & other growths in your home or under your home can help to ensure that you and your family are breathing in clean air. Preventing these growths can also help to reduce the agitation of allergies or other respiratory illnesses you may have.

Reduce Odors: When you remove the wet & humid environment, growth, mildew, & miscellaneous rot that produce musty smells are not able to grow or thrive in normal humidity levels.

Increases Comfort Level in Home: Most people feel sticky, clammy, hot, and uncomfortable when it is humid. Decreasing the moisture in the air will help your body cool off naturally and ensure a comfortable environment in your home.

At GSM Services, we have installed thousands of whole home dehumidification systems throughout Charlotte, Gastonia, Fort Mill, and surrounding areas. We are licensed, insured and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee & great warranties!

We offer free home comfort, health, and energy audits & free home crawl space inspections. We will check the humidity level, look for any growth, inspect your insulation and duct work, air leakage and more! We will take pictures of any concerns and offer a free, no obligation quote to offer solutions. We can provide you with different solutions to create a healthy, comfortable, and safe environment under and inside your home. Schedule your Free Inspection today!

Don’t just fix the symptoms of your moisture level problems, resolve the overall issues! Call us now to schedule a comfort advisor to come out to do a free evaluation of what is going on to cause any moisture or crawl space issues and go over the solutions that will help you achieve the results you desire. Leave your comfort to us!


  • Humidity – Many crawl spaces are incredibly humid and retain lots of moisture. This crawl space air naturally rises into the home and can cause issues to your home’s structure, air quality, and overall comfort.
  • Condensation on Surfaces – If you notice moisture collecting on surface areas, floors, foundation, and joists, this can signal that the moisture level in the crawl space may be too high.
  • Sticking Doors – When humidity levels reach above normal, the excess moisture absorbs and expands the wood in your home. You may notice how interior doors will tighten in the frame and make it difficult to open or close properly.
  • Warped Flooring – Your floors are easily damaged by overly moist environments. The floors may warp, pop, crack, or seem uneven.
  • Hot/Cold Rooms or Cold Floors – Rooms that are not comfortable could be caused by a lack of insulation in the crawl space or from air leakage. Floors may be cold in the winter due to lack of insulation in the crawl.
  • High Energy Bills – Do you have adequate insulation in your crawl? Is duct work torn under your crawl space? Your air conditioner could be working extra hard to keep the temps comfortable. These are just a few reasons how the crawl space may be the culprit for high energy bills.
  • Odor – Since air circulates from the crawl space, any rotten debris can cause a musty smell in your home.
  • Mold and Mildew – Damp areas that may be tucked away tend to offer good homes for mold and other forms of growth. Breathing any type of growth negatively affects the air quality in your home, thus influencing your health. Allergies, chronic coughing, difficulty breathing, and mild to severe headaches may occur!
  • Animals/Rodents – If you are hearing or smelling any animal presence, it may be that they have taken up residence in accessible crawl space points.

If you think your crawl space could be experiencing one or more of these issues, let us perform a free home comfort, health & energy audit on your home! We will check the humidity level, look for any growth, inspect your insulation, duct work, and more. We will take pictures of any concerns and offer a free, no obligation quote to offer solutions. At GSM Services, we are your local humidity control experts!