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Heating & Cooling • AC Repair & Install • Insulation • Crawlspace Services • Mold Removal • Energy Audits • Generators • HVAC Duct Cleaning
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Vent & Duct Repair

Expert HVAC Duct Repair Services in Gastonia, Charlotte, Fort Mill & Nearby Cities in NC & SC

Our Ductwork Inspections Include:

  • ✅ Inspection includes the entire duct system, not just vents.
  • ✅ Evaluate supply and return air balance.
  • ✅ Test for air leakage & air flow problems.
  • ✅ Inspect for any ductwork tears or damage.
  • ✅ Check for any dirty ducts impacting air quality.
  • ✅ Free assessment of any other related comfort and energy issues such as insulation, air leaks, crawlspace & home humidity, mold issues, and more.

Air Vent & Duct Repair Services

An air duct system that is properly functioning can achieve a more comfortable home, increase efficiency, lower power bills, and improve indoor air quality. At GSM Services, we listen to your issues and accurately diagnose the problems to provide you with the best solutions. We specialize in a variety of HVAC duct repair services such as:

Repairing Damaged or Torn Ductwork Can Improve Indoor Air Quality, Comfort, and Help You Save Money

If you have a hole or tear in your duct work or some has broken off, this could be costing you money and affecting your comfort. Your ductwork system has an important job: distributing air that has been "conditioned" (heated or cooled) by your HVAC system throughout the house so that your living space can be at the right temperature. When there is broken or damaged ducts, the conditioned air will escape in areas such as your attic or crawlspace which then reduces the cool or warm air that goes into the living area. This not only causes comfort issues, but also makes your HVAC work harder and longer than it should.

There are different areas of the duct system that serve multiple purposes. Supply ducts transport conditioned air from your furnace or air handler to different rooms or hallways. A separate system of Return Ductwork brings air back to the furnace or air handler to be reconditioned.

In short, damage to your ductwork system can have effects on your comfort, health and utility costs.