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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System

Vapor Barrier Install & Replacement Experts

Did you know that up to 40% of the air a homeowner breathes originates from the crawl space? For a cleaner and healthier home, we recommend installing a vapor barrier into your crawl space. A vapor barrier works by controlling and balancing the moisture inside the crawl space to create a semi-conditioned area that protects your foundation, your air quality, and your peace of mind.

Our vapor barrier material is mold resistant and highly durable. The special material helps stop moisture and water from the ground to set in the crawlspace. We offer different sizes or thickness in our vapor barriers for you to choose from.  Each offers a different level of moisture protection. We have installed vapor barrier systems for homeowners all over Charlotte, Gastonia, Fort Mill & all nearby cities! Schedule a FREE Crawlspace Evaluation today to find what options are best for your home!

Benefits of Installing a Vapor Barrier

  • Reduces chance of mold or mildew growth.
  • Improves air quality in home and under crawl space.
  • Helps protect foundation from lowering moisture under crawl space which can rot wood and damage foundation.
  • Helps reduce pest and insects under the crawl which can enter your home through cracks and holes, which reduces possibility of structural damage from pests.
  • Better control of home humidity. Less moisture that can seep into home gives you more control of your homes comfort.
  • Helps to better protect any pipes, wood, and duct work underneath your home.  Less moisture will increase the durability and lower the chance of corrosion of anything under your home.
  • Prevent electrical issues from keeping any wiring, junction boxes, or other electrical systems from coming into contact with excess moisure in the home.
Crawlspace vapor barrier installer

Why A Proper Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Is Important To Have:

Vapor Barriers greatly reduce the moisture that comes from the ground into the crawl space or under the home. Moisture and humidity allows growth and mold to damage and overtake the crawl space, cause structural damage, musty smells and much more. Since over 40% of the air inside your home comes from the crawl space, it is important to keep the enviroment of your crawl space healthy. Schedule a free crawl space evaluation and we will provide options to repair your crawl space.  At GSM, we love giving our customers the power of options. We will tailor our proposals to your needs to get you the best results with the long-lasting quality you deserve.