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Furnace Tune Ups

Your heating and cooling system may very well be the most expensive equipment in your home. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not realize the maintenance needed regularly for their heating and cooling systems in order to prevent costly repairs. Having your heating and cooling system cleaned and serviced each season adds priceless benefits to you and your home.

Benefits of Getting Furnace Service & Tune-ups:

  • Peace of Mind – A trained technician will check and confirm that your system is operating safely and efficiently.
  • Increased Energy Savings – A trained technician will check and confirm that your system is operating safely and efficiently.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan – HVAC systems are overall proven to last longer when regular maintenance is performed. The less strain your system receives, the longer it will function properly.
  • Optimal Home Comfort – Your comfort and satisfaction is our top priority. Maintaining your system will keep that comfort at the highest level! If you are enduring any comfort issues, you can discuss these with your technician at each visit to determine the best solution.
  • Warranties – Most manufacturers require proof that you have had your system maintained before they approve a warranty to work on your system. Keeping up with maintenance can prevent denial of any part warranties.
  • Avoid Costly Repairs – Twice a year we will have a technician visit your home to perform a tune up on your system. This gives each homeowner the opportunity to catch any smaller issues with their system before they become the bigger issues.
  • Improved Air Quality – During routine maintenance, all dirt and debris will be cleaned and discarded. This immensely improves your home’s air quality.

What all is involved in a Heating System Tune-up?

We believe in giving our customers the very best. We want to exceed your expectations in everything we do. Listed below is the checklist our trained Service Technicians use while performaing a Heating System Tune Up, Cleaning, & Safety Check:

  • Test and calibrate thermostat
  • Supply and change filter (with a loyalty club membership)
  • Clean out debris and vacuum burner compartment
  • Inspect plenums and ductwork for growth and air leakage
  • Verify incoming gas pressure (if applicable)
  • Verify manifold gas pressure (if applicable)
  • Inspect Hot Surface Ignitor
  • Inspect flame rectification sensor
  • Inspect control boards for burnt or damaged components
  • Inspect all high voltage wiring for loose and/or burnt connections
  • Inspect flue system for broken or rusted components
  • Verify operation of replays and controls
  • Verify proper outputs during defrost initiation and termination
  • Test and verify safety limits function properly
  • Test and verify correct operation of draft switches
  • Measure ratings on all start assists
  • Inspect blower wheel and motor for balance and debris buildup
  • Test induced draft assemblies for proper operations
  • Test main gas supply valves for proper and safe operation
  • Monitor unit for extended run time to verify proper system start-up, run and shutdown
  • Measure amps on all motors
  • Measure amps on compressor (if applicable)
  • Inspect condition and evaporator coil
  • Verify all supply temperatures are with in equipment limits
  • Record all readings, temperatures, and pressures on tune-up sheet for customer review.

These steps ensure your system is running at its max potential. Keep yourself warm and comfortable this winter, leave the comfort to us!