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Home Mold Services

Home Mold Services in Charlotte, Gastonia, Belmont, York & Nearby Cities in NC & SC

At GSM Services we provide a full range of products, services, and solutions to treat any form of growth, mildew, or mold. We use various removal treatments to get rid of any mold and fix the environment of the home or crawlspace to prevent future mold growth. We offer Free Home Energy Audit which include a mold inspection & evaluation to find the cause of the mold growth.

Home Mold Removal Charlotte NC
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Mold Growth in Home

Mold in your crawl space, HVAC ducts, air vents, or anywhere else in your home is an indication of a moisture problem. It's important to treat and remove the mold, but it is equally important to fix the underlying cause of the mold to prevent return growth. Each home and mold growth issues are diffrent. Therefore, each treatment plan to remove the mold and ensure the it does not return will be unique.

We have comfort advisors who are trained mold specialists. During an audit or mold inspection, our comfort advisor will look for growth, test the humidity levels in your home, crawl space & attic, check for air leaks, air quality and much more. We will offer solutions to fix any problems affecting your comfort, health, efficiency, and air quality inside your home.

Mold in HVAC, Air Ducts & Vents

It is vital to remove mold in your air vents, but is equally important to fix the underlying cause of the growth, or it will quickly return. We offer duct cleaning services. On top of duct cleaning, we use other various mold removal treatments and solutions to stop mold growth in the future. Duct cleaning alone generally does not fix mold issues in a home. That is why if mold is growing in your vents, we suggest scheduling a free home audit first to find the source and offer solutions to remove the mold and prevent future growth.

Crawl Space Mold Services & Solutions

Mold is especially prone to grow in a home’s crawl space. If there are any water leakages, cracks, or areas for water to enter your crawl space (which most home's crawls have these openings) then there’s a much higher chance that mold will develop over time. In crawl spaces, moisture is typically higher due to the area not being properly conditioned. High moisture increases the humidity, and humid environments can be the perfect breeding ground for mold growth. Much of the air that we breathe in our homes can come from the crawl space, so it is important to make sure that your crawl space stays clean, dry, and healthy.

Mold in your home, crawlspace, HVAC, air vents or ducts?

Schedule a FREE, no obligation home audit now. A trained and certified comfort, health & energy advisor will do a full evaluation of your home, attic, vents, duct system and crawl space. They will check for mold & growth, moisture levels, humidity levels, air leaks, air quality issues, and much more! After the audit, they will go over the findings with you and discuss solutions. *Please note that these home energy audits can take up to 4 hours.