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Mold Removal

Home & Crawl Space Mold Removal Services in Charlotte, Gastonia, Belmont, Clover and Nearby Cities in NC & SC

At GSM Services, we offer an extensive selection of treatments, services, and solutions designed to eliminate mold and mildew. Beyond just removing mold, we also address the conditions in your crawlspace or home to prevent future mold growth. We offer FREE Crawlspace & Home Mold Inspections by our certified experts to identify the causes of mold growth and propose removal treatments as well as preventative solutions.

Mold on Crawl Space slabs Charlotte NC
Mold remediation Charlotte NC

Mold Inspections & Removal Services

Our comfort advisors are trained specialists in mold and crawl space issues. If you notice mold, mildew, or other growths in your crawl space, ducts, air vents, or home, this usually signals a moisture problem. While removing mold is crucial, addressing the underlying moisture issue is equally important to prevent its return. Our treatment plans for mold removal are tailored based on various factors.

During a home evaluation, our comfort advisor will examine any growth, measure humidity and moisture levels, check for air leaks, assess air quality, and evaluate the HVAC duct system, among other checks. We will develop a customized treatment plan and provide solutions to resolve any issues impacting your home's comfort, health, efficiency, and air quality.

Mold in Crawl Space

Mold commonly thrives in a home's crawl space. Most crawl spaces have openings that allow water leaks, cracks, or other entry points for moisture, significantly increasing the likelihood of mold formation over time. Typically, crawl spaces have higher moisture levels because they are not properly conditioned, which raises the humidity. This humid environment is ideal for mold to grow. Since a lot of the air we breathe in our homes can originate from the crawl space, it's crucial to keep this area clean, dry, and healthy.

Mold in HVAC Ducts & Vents

It is very important to remove mold in your air vents, but is equally important to fix the underlying cause of the growth, or it will quickly return. We provide duct cleaning services, but if mold is also detected, we offer additional vent and duct mold removal treatments to help prevent future growth. Duct cleaning alone often does not fully address mold issues within a home. Thus, if you find mold in your vents, we suggest starting with a free home audit to pinpoint the source. After the audit, we will recommend effective solutions to remove the mold and prevent it from coming back.

Mold in duct & air vent

9 Signs You May Have a Fungal, Mildew, or Mold Growth Problem Can Include:

  • 1 Mold in Air Vents or Duct Work - If your home has mold, the debris that builds up in your duct work can often create an ideal environment for mold and other biological growth to continue to grow. The debris is providing a food source they need to survive. Mold or biological growth can be very dangerous if you are breathing it consistently. It can make someone very sick, and can also aggravate other health issues. If you happen to notice any growth in or around your vents, it might be time to get them cleaned and sanitized.
  • 2 Unusual Odors or Musty Smells – If there are any odors that you can not find the source, this could be the result of hidden biological growth. Mold could be growing inside your crawl space, air ducts, or attic etc. These are places that you rarely see or check, but the air from these areas circulates your home!
  • 3 Increased Sickness – Do you notice that you feel better when you are outside or away from home? Do you have a persistent cough or cold? Make sure mold is not the culprit!
  • 4 Increased Allergy Flare Ups or Asthma Attacks – Mold & fungus can aggravate allergies!
  • 5 Visible Dust – Are your vents covered with dust or dirt? Do you feel like your fans and tabletops are quickly being covered in dust particles? Are you constantly dusting and vacuuming your home? If this is what you can see outside of the ducts, imagine what might be on the inside!
  • 6 Black Fuzzy Spots – Black fuzzy spots or patches on corners, walls, floors, etc.
  • 7 Spores & Mold on Carpet or Furniture – Fungus, growth spots, or build up on furniture or carpet.
  • 8 Home Feels Humid – Feeling humid in your home includes feeling “sticky”, uncomfortable, hard to breathe, & feeling much hotter than the actual temperature.
  • 9 Black Build up in Tile – Continual dirty or gunk build up in between tiles.

Many of our customers report better breathing, improved comfort overall, reduced allergies, and so much more! We have many success stories from our customers throughout Gastonia, Lincolnton, Belmont, Fort Mill, Charlotte, and other areas in NC & SC.

What should you do about mold in your crawlspace or home?

Call us and schedule a FREE, no obligation Home Energy, Health, & Efficiency Audit.

A trained and certified comfort, health & energy advisor will do a full evaluation of your home, attic, and crawl space. They will check for mold & growth, moisture levels, humidity levels, air leaks, air quality issues, and much more! After the audit, they will go over the findings with you and discuss any solutions that may help the comfort level, health, efficiency, and environment of your home. *Please note that these home energy audits can take up to 4 hours.