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Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Testing in Charlotte, Gastonia, & Nearby Cities.

Blower Door Testing is done to evaluate how much air is leaking from inside your home.

Many studies have shown that the amount of air leakage in a home can cause many issues such as high energy bills, hot or cold rooms, poor air quality, excessive dust, mold, or growth issues and much more! Right now, we are offering FREE Home Energy Audits which include blower door testing to homeowners in Gastonia, Shelby, Belmont, and the surrounding areas.

Our certified home energy professionals use blower door test equipment to diagnose air leakage in your home. This special equipment and technique can quantify how much air is entering or escaping the home. An air flow analysis can help diagnose many conditions that cause problems with the comfort, air quality, and efficiency of your home.

Blower Door Testing Check For Home Air Leaks. Leaky Homes Can Cause The Following Problems:

  • High Moisture & Humidity: In the summer, warm humid air leaks into your crawl space which causes high moisture & humidity. This can create issues such as mold or growth in the crawl space or home which can vastly decrease the air quality & health of a home.
  • Uncomfortable, Hot, or Cold Rooms: Hot air in the summer or cold air in the winter that leaks inside your home can create rooms that feel uncomfortable.
  • Excessive Dust in Home: Air leaks allow dust, dander and pollutants from the outside air enter your home and make it hard to escape.
  • Pest & Bug Issues: Hidden holes and cracks are the perfect entrance to your home for pests and bugs. Not only can air leaks allow dirty air inside, but also can allow unwanted pests.
  • Musty Smell & Odors: Pollutants, moisture, & dander that get trapped in the home can cause a constant odor in your home.
  • Cold Floors: In the winter, cold air leaks in the crawl which can cause cold floors and cold rooms.
  • High Power Bills: Heat will always flow to cooler air. Ever wonder why your second or third floors in your home are warmer than the lower? Warm air is lighter than cold air therefore, it will rise. During the cold months, the warm air that your furnace pushes out, rises, and goes into the attic. The warm air then escapes through cracks in the attic. Then, the cold air also comes into the cracks making it harder to control the temperature. During the summer months, the opposite will happen. Warm air seeps into the cracks and the cool conditioned air from your air conditioner seeps out. This effect called the “stack effect” causes your air conditioner and furnace to work in overdrive and run much longer to keep it warm or cool, which increases your power bill.

At GSM Services we have the solutions. Right now, we are offering a FREE Home Energy Audit to homeowners in Gastonia, Shelby, Belmont, and the surrounding areas. *Special not available to homes in the middle of a real-estate transaction. Our home energy audit also includes a free blower door test! (Reg $349) Our goal is to help homeowners have a comfortable, healthy, and efficient environment in their home. Reach out today to schedule a free, no obligation home energy assessment. Please keep in mind that this can take up to 4 hours depending on the size of your home or the issues you are experiencing.