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Heating & Cooling • Insulation • Crawl Space Services • Mold Removal • Energy Audits • Generators • Air Duct Cleaning • Guttering • HVAC • Furnace Repair & Installation
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Ductwork Services

HVAC Duct Work Specialist

An air duct system that is properly cleaned, sealed, and insulated can achieve a more comfortable home, increase efficiency, lower power bills and improve indoor air quality. GSM Services has the equipment and training to accurately diagnose your duct work problems and provide solutions. We specialize in many duct system services such as:

Schedule your free duct system evaluation now! We inspect the entirety of the air duct system including the attic, basement and crawl space. We will evaluate supply and return air balance, test for air leakage, air flow, air quality, look for any damage, tears, dirty ducts and more! We are your qualified professional for HVAC & Duct System services in Charlotte, Belmont, Huntersville, Gastonia, Mount Holly and all nearby cities.

duct sealing

Duct sealing helps prevent air leaks and better keep heat or air from leaking which improves efficiency and comfort.

Duct Services & Repair Options

We offer a wide range of ductwork improvement services for your needs:

Dryer Vent Cleaning: Your dryer vent should be professionally inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Not only will this help to protect your home from fires, but you will immediately notice an increase in efficiency from your dryer.

Duct Cleaning: If you have dust, dirt, or pet hair buildup inside your ducts, a thorough cleaning can remove debris and allergens to help improve your indoor air quality, increase HVAC system efficiency, and improve allergies.

Duct & Mold Services: If you have mold, mildew, or growth in your air vents or home, it is usually an indication of a moisture problem. It is vital to remove the mold, but it is equally important to fix the underlying cause of the growth or it will more than likley quickly return.

Duct Installation: Need to move an air vent or add a vent in a specific room? We can do it and larger duct work jobs, such as designing and installing an entire duct system for your home.

Dryer Duct Vent Replacement & Repair: If your dryer vent duct is damaged, old, or has tears in it then it may be time to replace your dryer vent to keep your home safe & efficient.

Duct Sealing: We perform air flow and leakage tests, seal air leaks and connections, and repair disconnected ducts to help improve the performance of your ductwork & heating and air conditioning system.

Duct Insulation: Adding insulation to your ducts in unconditioned spaces, like your attic or basement, can help improve your comfort and HVAC energy efficiency.

Duct Repair: Torn or broken ductwork could be costing you money and affecting your comfort. At GSM Services we can repair your duct work issues.

Duct Replacement: If your duct system is old or inefficient, it may be time to replace the duct system. We will give you choices and provide the best solutions to help your duct system operate at peak efficiency.

Before performing work on ducts, we inspect the entirety of the system including the attic, basement and crawl space, and evaluate supply and return air balance. After making improvements, we test for leakage, air flow, and perform a combustion safety test.

Causes of your poor ductwork performance

Problems with your ductwork can make your energy costs higher and make it difficult to keep your whole home comfortable, no matter how much you adjust your thermostat. Here are some issues that could be behind your poorly performing ducts:

  • Leaky ducts: Often times these temperature issues arise because the hot, or cold, air is not actually reaching its intended destination. Duct leakage allows the air to escape before it has arrived in the correct room. This tends to force your HVAC system to stay on longer in order to get the affected rooms to the right temperature.
  • Under-insulated ducts: A lack of proper insulation causes the ducts themselves to be too hot or cool. Thus, the HVAC system actually wastes time heating or cooling the ducts before rooms can receive the correct temperature air. This leads to a higher heating/cooling bill and may even leave certain rooms still improperly heated/cooled.
  • Ducts with unbalanced air flow: Sometimes the register location can also cause problems. Certain rooms might end up receiving too much air flow from your HVAC system while others might end up largely ignored.

HVAC ducts in an attic without proper insulation can cause uneven temperatures inside your living space and cause high power bills.

Free Duct Inspections & Quotes on Repair & Replacement

Do you have an uncomfortable home during the winter or summer, rooms that don't heat or cool evenly, or high energy costs? At GSM Services, we can help. We are the reliable experts in heating and air conditioning services and the duct work that helps to send the air to each room in the home. We can identify duct problems and provide the most cost-effective solutions. Whether your air ducts need to be repaired, replaced, insulated, or cleaned you can rely on us to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your home duct inspection!

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