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Are Outdoor Pollutants Entering My Home?

Indoor air quality can be affected by typical outdoor pollutants.

What determines your indoor air quality? What can you do to improve it? The answers to both questions can be surprising, but you'll be amazed at how easy it is to breathe easier. Gastonia homeowners don't have to struggle with dirty outdoor air coming indoors.

Here are just a few simple methods you can use to freshen up the air in your home:

  • Invest in more greenery. NASA has identified 40 species of indoor plants that are useful in removing common toxins from your indoor air. In the process, they output clean, new oxygen for your family to breathe.
  • Change your filter regularly. You can work with an HVAC technician to select the best filters available for your system. If you're dealing with especially dirty outdoor air infiltrating your home, a higher-rated filter can help clear contaminants from the air. However, just changing your filter more often can help improve your indoor air while you research your other solutions. With GSM Services and FilterFetch home delivery, you can even have top of the line filters delivered to your home for free. Simply use order code: CMM - Check it out!
  • Install an air purification system. You may have seen small residential units on TV claiming to clean the air in a room using ozone creation. These overpriced, undersized units don't really work. While ozone is a very effective air purifier, the rates at which it needs to be created aren't safe for regular use.

For a specific problem, such as managing a mold problem, calling in a restoration expert with this type of equipment is best. However, to enjoy cleaner indoor air the majority of the time, there are several quality solutions available. These units can either function as a stand alone or attached to your HVAC system. They typically clean the air through the use of heavy-duty filters mixed with cleansing UV light constructions.

Click this link to schedule an indoor air quality consultation today or call our friendly professionals at GSM Services at (704) 864-0344. Stay healthy and comfortable with help from GSM Services.