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What to Do When You Feel Like Your Residential Heating and Air Isn't Living Up to Its Potential

How can you improve your residential heating and air performance?

Your residential heating and air service should be keeping your home warm (or cool) without requiring regular thermostat adjusting. You shouldn't be experiencing cold spots or noticing large spikes in your bill, as these are standard warning signs of a problem. GSM Services can help you identify issues and increase your comfort while lowering your bills.

Here are just three simple ways to increase comfort with savings:

1. Get Higher-Quality Filters

The furnace filters available at most big box stores simply don't do an adequate job of removing particles from the air. They not only leave you vulnerable to allergens, mold, and bacteria, but they also allow damaging dirt and dust to circulate through your equipment. This creates added resistance, which decreases efficiency while contributing to excess wear and shortening the lifespan of your system. GSM Services can help you find effective and affordable filters and help you determine the right schedule for changing them out.

2. Sign Up for Preventative Maintenance Checks

GSM Services service technicians perform thorough system checks before the start of both heating and cooling seasons. At this time, our technicians clean out any excess dirt and debris, make sure your components are functioning properly, and give you advice on how to make the most of your heating and cooling costs.

3. Stop the Leaks With Duct and Air Sealing

Every home has gaps or drafts that allow conditioned air to escape. GSM Services techs use special equipment to identify where these leaks exist, and then determine the best ways to fill them up. From lining ductwork seams to running caulk around window frames, our techs will help regulate the comfort in your home and take a chunk out of your bills.

Contact GSM Services to schedule a residential heating and air maintenance visit today.