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Checklist to Prepare for Winter

  1. Make sure you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector. If the heat exchanger on your furnace becomes cracked, it can omit a deadly gas – carbon monoxide. What’s even scarier is that the gas is odorless and colorless. Fortunately, carbon monoxide detectors are great at doing their job and can alert you immediately if there is any danger.
  2. Get your Furnace checked by a professional. An HVAC technician will insure that your furnace is running properly and will also check to make sure there are no carbon monoxide leaks. The last thing that you want to happen in the middle of winter is for your furnace to breakdown.
  3. Make sure your filters are changed regularly. When your filters are changed as advised, it helps allow for better air flow and helps the furnace to run more efficiently.
  4. Make sure that you have the proper insulation. A lack of insulation and air leaks can allow cold air to seep into your home and also allow for heat to leave your home. This in turn causes higher gas and electric bills as well as compromises your comfort.
  5. Open all cabinets to help prevent the freezing of your pipes on nights when it gets really cold.
  6. Make sure that older family, friends, and neighbors are prepared. Make sure that they have everything they need for this winter. Check their CO detectors to ensure the batteries are still operating, make sure they have plenty of blankets, and check that their heat is working properly.

GSM Services heating and cooling offers a variety of services to ensure that you are completely prepared for the winter to come:

Heating Maintenance / Service: GSM Services will check safety and functions of the furnace, check and replace filters, clean the furnace, do a blower check, and also check any other occupant issues. The benefits of regular furnace maintenance are optimal home comfort, reliable performance, better efficiency, extended life of equipment, lower repair cost, and increased energy savings.

Heating Repair: GSM Services can evaluate your current heating system and provide a fast quote to get your furnace running like new. One of our certified technicians will come out to your home and test every function of your system, then we will let you know exactly what is causing it to fail.

Heating Replacement: Replacing a furnace or HVAC system can be one of the biggest investments you can make in your home, so make sure it is done the correct and proper way. GSM Services is licensed and insured in NC & SC and only employ the best installers in the Charlotte area. We pull the permits, register your equipment for you, and check for any rebates in your area. Our attention to detail and customer service is why we have been in business for over 90 years!

Dr. Energy Saver Seal & Insulate: Right now - GSM Services is offering a FREE energy evaluation and estimate; but hurry, the offer is only valid until the end of the year. We will evaluate where heat is leaking from your home, and also ensure that you have proper insulation for your home to function at peak efficiency. Not only could this service improve your comfort, it could also save you significant money on your power bill each month!

GSM Services has a 100% satisfaction comfort guarantee. Do you need service, replacement or an energy evaluation of your current heating system? Contact GSM Services Today!