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If you are considering having more insulation installed in your home, or are thinking about having your furnace replaced, why not get a prioritized list of improvements before wasting money on upgrades that won't work?

Take the first step and schedule a home energy audit from GSM Services.

Benefits of our custom energy audit:

  • Detailed recommendations on what improvements to make and in what order.
  • Potential savings of 5-30%* on your energy bill by making the upgrades identified in the home energy audit.
  • Protection from unrealistic energy-saving claims.
  • FREE estimates for all recommended improvements. 

We would all like to live in a home that's healthy, comfortable and inexpensive to heat and cool. But how can you enjoy these benefits? While there's no one-fits-all solution for every home, an energy audit can pinpoint where your home is wasting energy and show you exactly which efficiency upgrades can make the biggest difference.

What to expect during a home energy audit

Video about our home energy audit in North Carolina

Learn about the benefits of our comprehensive home energy audit versus state-sponsored energy programs. 

During a home energy audit (also known as an energy assessment), a GSM Services specialist will use various tests and inspections to determine the efficiency, safety and function of your home's major systems. Our experts may also use special equipment to find sources of energy loss throughout the home (particularly in the attic and basement). 

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Based on the results of the whole-house assessment, GSM Services can then provide a detailed report, showing you exactly how your house is using energy and where energy is being wasted. The report will also show which energy-efficiency upgrades should be done and in what order.

Don't guess at what your house needs to be more energy efficient. Taking a haphazard approach to saving energy can cost you money without giving you the right results. Contact the experts at GSM Services to schedule a custom energy audit today!

Common Home Energy Problems

There's no room for guesswork when it comes to improving your home's energy efficiency. There are simply too many features, details and conditions to identify and evaluate. Dr. Energy Saver's Complete Home Energy Checkup includes in-depth inspections, tests and calculations that determine exactly how your house is using and losing energy. The result is a comprehensive diagnosis of energy problems and a prioritized prescription for improvements that will maximize energy savings.

Lighting Lighting HVAC HVAC HVAC HVAC HVAC HVAC Water Heating Water Heating Water Heating Water Heating Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing

Air Sealing

  1. Air leakage into attic
  2. Mold on roof sheathing
  3. Air leaks around recessed lights
  4. Air leaks around electrical outlets
  5. Air leaks through chimney damper
  6. Air leaks around attic stair
  7. Leaky basement windows
  8. Air infiltration around rim joist
  9. Vented crawl space
  10. Air leaks around weatherstripping
  11. Air leaks around dryer vent
  12. Air leaks around outdoor faucet
  13. Air leaks around chimney


  1. Missing insulation
  2. Inadequate attic insulation
  3. Uninsulated basement wall
  4. Moldy sagging fiberglass insulation Appliances & Electronics
  5. Phantom electrical loads
  6. Inefficient refrigerator
  7. Inefficient dishwasher
  8. Inefficient washing machine

Water Heating

  1. Inefficient water heater
  2. Missing pipe insulation Water Conservation
  3. Improper showerhead
  4. Water-wasting toilet


  1. Backdrafting from furnace
  2. Leaky ductwork
  3. Uninsulated ducts
  4. Outdated furnace
  5. Improperly vented bath fan
  6. Inadequate attic ventilation


  1. Non-IC rated recessed lights
  2. Inefficient incandescent lights

We inspect your home & complete audit-identified upgrades

During an energy audit, we will typically inspect:

  • Insulation
  • HVAC ducts
  • Lighting
  • Water heater
  • Furnace
  • Ventilation
  • Building envelope

It's important to understand how a home uses and loses energy. There are many devices and systems that interact to determine your home's comfort, energy efficiency and health. When one system isn't functioning like it should, this will affect all of the other systems. For example, leaky ductwork will force your HVAC system to worker longer and harder to maintain comfortable temperatures, and this means you will likely pay more on your heating and cooling bill. 

If you know that you need to replace your water heater or upgrade your insulation, simply give us a call to get an estimate. If you are unsure of where to start, a home energy audit can help identify the weak areas in your home's energy profile, enabling you to make key upgrades that will have the most impact on energy savings. 

North Carolina energy experts you can trust

As a member of the nation's leading energy services contractor network, GSM Services' technicians are trained at the Dr. Energy Saver training center. What makes us unique is that we will not only provide you with a complete energy audit, we also prioritize improvements and complete the upgrades identified in the energy assessment. 

Contact the energy experts at GSM Services today. Call us at 1-844-691-4184 or contact us online to schedule a home energy assessment. We also provide fast, written free estimates to homeowners in Gastonia, Mount Holly, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Hickory, Matthews, Denver, Gaffney, Lincolnton, Rock Hill and the surrounding areas.


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