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6 Benefits of a Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homeowners consistently struggle with the amount of moisture that is in their home’s crawl space. As for others, they may be choosing to avoid going into their crawl space all together, thus not realizing the damage that may be occurring over time.

Unfortunately, the moisture from this space may slowly seep into the house, causing costly issues such as: floor deterioration, mold growth, musty odors, condensation on the windows and walls, and wet insulation. Moisture, though, may not be the only worry. Since the majority of residential crawl spaces are vented, this gives perfect access to other pests such as bugs, insects, and even termites.

These issues are not without a solution! Many homeowners are choosing a more permanent fix: Crawl Space Encapsulation. A Crawl Space Encapsulation takes that dirty, damp area and transforms it into a clean, dry, healthy space.

Here are 6 important benefits to keep in mind when considering an encapsulation:

  1. The air quality in your home will dramatically increase. Since the air from underneath your home can no longer find its way inside, you will no longer be breathing in the outside dust and allergens! You may even notice a decrease in allergy flares.
  2. Significantly lessen the opportunity for insects to enter the home. Insects can no longer crawl into the vents under the home! You will naturally be providing less access for them to crawl in those cracks and crevasses from the crawl space to the floor. Not only are insects unpleasant, but a crawlspace encapsulation can also save you from a more serious pesky situation – termites.
  3. Less moisture means less mold growth. By fixing the humidity levels in your home and underneath the crawl, you create an environment that mold and other spores simply cannot survive in. This will also help to provide odor elimination.
  4. Increase your home’s energy efficiency. If there are air leaks in your crawl space, it could be costing you money on your utility bills. By encapsulation the crawl and sealing duct work, you could decrease the amount of money you are spending on your bills each month. If the air underneath your home is hot and humid, your air conditioner will have to work that much harder just to get the home to a temperature that is comfortable.
  5. Improve your comfort. Did you know that around 40%-60% of the air that enters your home comes from your crawl space? An encapsulated crawlspace can help with fixing that clammy and damp feeling inside the home during the heat of the summer.
  6. Increase your home value. Crawl Space Encapsulations are an investment! If you ever sell your home, this added feature will be attractive for buyers.

To learn more about how sealing or encapsulating your crawlspace can benefit you, your home, and your family, contact us today!