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How Can I Reduce My Carbon Footprint in My Home?

Simple green energy tweaks provides benefits to the environment and your bank account.

Green energy doesn't have to involve a roof lined with solar panels and a windmill in the yard. In fact, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint with one simple and affordable investment. A home performance test carried out by highly trained HVAC technicians can help identify energy draws in your home. Some of these cost nothing at all to fix, but you have to know they are there to solve the problems.

A home performance test helps to detect the following issues:

  • Air Leakage: During a home energy evaluation, your property will be analyzed for issues like improper airflow or leakage. Using high-tech equipment, a certified energy consultant will look for areas around your home where air may be escaping or entering the structure. These areas usually include spaces around windows and doors as well as penetrations around mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems or connections. Even the smallest gap can prove costly as it leaks air continually. Through Air Sealing, we will make short work of any such areas and seal your home against energy loss.
  • Failed Ductwork Seals: Upon installation, ductwork seals should be tight and prevent conditioned or heated air from escaping into unused areas of your home, such as between in-between walls. Not only do these leaks prevent your system from running efficiently, they can allow dirty air to enter your HVAC system and be distributed to the rest of your house. They can even allow condensation to build and create dangerous molds. Thankfully, sealing ductwork is very simple to do once you know it's needed. Any homeowner can patch seals, though it's a tedious job and one many people leave up to the pros.
  • Worn-Out Insulation: Too many homeowners consider insulation a product that lasts forever. Many products will provide protection for several decades, but there are many factors impacting how long it really lasts. Water or wind damage from a leaking roof, for instance, can seriously impede the effect of your attic insulation. There is always the chance of a failing product too. Identifying and fixing these types of problems allows you to get more from every dollar you spend on heating and cooling services. It also ensures every unit of energy used it put to its best use.

Click this link to schedule a Whole Home Energy Evaluation with GSM Services and invest in the simplest, most affordable green energy service available today. Gastonia residents can visit online or call (704) 864-0344 to shrink their carbon footprints right away.