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What Causes Hot Air to Blow in to My Home?

Home energy efficiency is greatly impacted by the integrity of your home's structure.

Home energy costs can soar when your home's construction allows drafts in and out. Thankfully, Gastonia homeowners have access to an easy fix. Air sealing quickly and effectively pinpoints the areas where hot air can seep into your home, allowing for them to be plugged. This keeps your air conditioned air indoors and the hot, humid air outside.

Here are just a few reasons you may be experiencing drafts:

  • Doors and windows are not absolute fits. Unless you have a highly trained custom builder on site, chances are your doors and windows were purchased premade. There will naturally be gaps around them, filled in with various material. These materials break down over time, exposing vulnerabilities. Glass and other materials also shift and shrink throughout the years, leaving surprise gaps in frames, underneath doors and around window panes.
  • According to The Craftsman Blog, baseboards in older homes are often hiding big gaps. The way homes were constructed back in the day didn't account for heating and cooling services. It wasn't rare for backboards and trim to cover gaps between plaster and floor or ceiling. For homes where those voids were never filled with insulation, mystery heat can easily enter.
  • Outlets and electrical switches often introduce leaks. If you unscrewed the nearest light switch in your home, what would you find? Unlike the rectangular piece of foam necessary to block drafts, most people would find a gaping hole. If several of these prominent leaks are in a room, together they can take a big chunk out of your AC's energy efficiency.

Click this link or call (704) 864-0344 to schedule a home energy consultation with GSM Services. Just by sealing your ducts, you aim to save.