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How to Decrease Energy Usage & Costs in Summer

What impact does summer have on home energy costs?

During the hottest months of the year, your home energy costs may grow out of control. Consulting with a reputable HVAC repair company can help. There are several methods for cutting energy costs without lowering your comfort levels

Look at ways GSM Services can fix your uncomfortable home and help you save all summer long:

  • A Whole Home energy evaluation pinpoints problems and offers you first-rate solutions. Whether you're worried about your monthly bills or you just want to keep them low, a home energy evaluation will give you a comprehensive look at where your energy might be wasted. From cracks around windows to gaps in your foundation, you'll be made aware of the problems affecting your property. You'll also get a professional's opinion on the best ways to solve them, along with estimated costs.
  • Air and duct sealing makes certain every ounce of energy used is being put to its best use. As time goes on, your house settles and gaps can appear in the construction. Gaps also pop up in the seams of your HVAC vents. These holes leak conditioned air away from where you need it most, forcing you to crank the thermostat to thoroughly cool your whole house. Sealing those gaps can dramatically lower your bills while keeping you much more comfortable in the process.
  • Adding a dehumidifier to your HVAC system can help you feel cooler without increasing your costs. Gastonians don't need anyone to explain how humidity impacts temps. When there's moisture in the air, it just feels hotter. That's true whether it's 80 degrees or 110, and it's true whether you're indoors or outside. GSM Services has systems for rooms, floors, or entire homes capable of capitalizing on the cooling power of dry air. Talk to an experienced HVAC technician about dehumidifiers and related products to cool your home with ease.

Click here to schedule a home energy consultation with GSM Services, or you can reach one of our friendly GSM Services technicians by phone at (704) 864-0344. Using methods like these, you can stay cool all summer while you save.