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Save Money This Winter with an Annual Heating Service Visit

Heating and air conditioning systems typically take up a large percentage of a homeowner’s bills. And once the parts begin to develop some wear and tear, these bills can go up even more. This winter, don’t let an inefficient furnace keep you from feeling comfortable, or force you to spend far more than you usually allot each year for heating costs. Call a GSM Services service advisor for an annual heating precision tune up!

What’s Included?

When you schedule a heating precision tune up with a qualified contractor, it should include the following steps.

  • Thorough inspection: First, your technician should look over the entire system and let you know of any problems that require immediate repairs. This includes any problems with the ignition system, fuel line, or heat exchanger that could allow combustion gases to leak into the living space. The technician should check for proper venting and look for any electrical issues.
  • Cleaning: A quality technician will clear away soot and other combustion byproducts from the burner and the combustion chamber, which will allow the system to operate more efficiently.
  • Adjustments: Finally, a few minor adjustments to the unit may be necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly. However, any major repairs may need to be rescheduled to a later date or time.

How Can You Save?

When all of the components of the system can run smoothly, your system is likely to operate more efficiently, with shorter cycle times and more accurate temperatures. When you schedule maintenance each year and seek repairs for the system promptly, your heating costs may remain relatively stable throughout the regular lifespan of the system.

In addition, an inspection can help you to save on repair costs. It’s better to make repairs as early as possible so that the problem does not develop into something much worse. Even if you don’t suspect a problem, there could be a damaged component within your furnace that might develop into something much worse right when you really need it—in the middle of a cold night. Schedule a maintenance visit today!

We recommend scheduling a heating precision tune up once each year as early in the season as possible. But any time is a good time to gain peace of mind and to potentially lower your bills with a professional heating maintenance visit. Call GSM Services, and leave the comfort to us!