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Does your heating system need repairs or replacement?

When your heater breaks down, you wish for the best. Most people reach out to a technician hoping that the problem can be resolved fairly quickly and that there won’t be a need for any major repairs or a whole-system replacement.

Of course, at some point in time, any heating system requires a replacement. You can likely delay replacement by scheduling regular heating maintenance visits from technicians to keep your system at peak efficiency and performance, and you can also make sure that you schedule service as soon as you notice a problem.

One day, the repair simply won’t be worth it. Replacing your heating system may be your best option if you experience any of the following. Speak with a friendly local GSM Services service technician to learn more!

The cost of repairing the heating system is too high

If the price of a repair is around half the cost of a new system, it’s probably not worth the money and hassle of getting a repair. At this point, the system is so worn down that a repair may only act as a patch, and the mismatched parts might only continue to struggle and wear down further. You’ll have to replace your heater eventually anyway, and doing so when it needs major repairs could be the more cost-effective choice.

There has been a decrease in performance and efficiency

Annual maintenance visits and regular filter changing helps to improve and restore efficiency somewhat, but there comes a time when no level of maintenance can revive your heater. You might want to upgrade to a more efficient and accurate system if you notice that your heater is not performing as it once was.

The system is over 15 years of age

This is around the time we typically recommend replacement, since it is the average lifespan of whole-home heating systems in the US. On the other hand, your system may be able to last a few years longer, or it might fail well before its time (especially if you allow an amateur to install it and neglect maintenance). That’s why you should trust honest experienced technicians to determine the state of your heater.

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