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Is It Really So Important to Change the Air Filter?

If you’ve got a whole-home air conditioning system and/or heater that moves air through a set of ducts, then you’ve also got an air filter. Early designs of whole-home air conditioning systems and furnaces included filters because experts realized that, without a filter, debris could easily damage the unit. Air gets sucked into the unit with the help of a blower fan before reaching the rooms of your home. With it comes all of the particles moving through your air, but a filter helps to stop it in its tracks.

The Problem with a Dirty Filter

If you’ve got a dirty filter, those particles still won’t be able to get past and damage the unit. However, neither will the air you need to stay comfortable! Check out some of the problems with that can occur when your filter is dirty.

  • Poor filtration – One of the most obvious issues with a dirty air filter is simply that it cannot filter your air. The dirty filter stops some amount of airflow from getting into the system, which means that it also cannot suck up particles to stop them from moving around your home.
  • Discomfort – The blower fan has a lot more trouble sucking up air when a clogged filter is blocking the register. Over a certain amount of time with a dirty filter, you might notice you feel less and less comfortable due to a lack of airflow.
  • Low efficiency – Your thermostat is set to a specific temperature, and whether or not the filter is clogged, the fan is going to keep operating to attempt to keep you cool. This means that you spend more on heating and cooling costs.
  • More repairs – All of the parts have to work harder to make up for the lack of airflow into the system. This can force them to become overworked, and your system could even break down—all because you didn’t change the air filter!

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