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Get Better Air Filtration from Your AC

Your air conditioning system keeps the air cool, but that’s not the only element of home comfort that matters to you. It’s just as important that the air is clean and healthy.

If you want better air filtration from your AC system, there are a few things you should know. Check out our guide below and call our GSM Services service advisors for more information about upgrading your HVAC system for better health and comfort.

Learn about Filter Effectiveness

First, you should know a thing or two about the effectiveness of your filter. A filter only works as long as it is clean. Changing it every month is important for your health and also for the energy efficiency of your AC system. But your filter probably does not have a very high effectiveness rating.

Most standard AC filters have a low MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) of about 1–4, but the scale goes much higher than this. Your filter may be able to get many particles out of the air, but it could leave behind things like mold spores and pollen.

If members of your household have asthma or allergies, you want the filter to be powerful. Unfortunately, simply purchasing a stronger filter could be bad for your AC system, blocking air from flowing through and greatly reducing efficiency.

Find a Compatible AC System

Find a compatible AC system with a MERV-rated filter of 8 or higher for new installation if you want to ensure that your AC system makes your air clean and comfortable. Clean air starts at new system installation, and making sure your new unit is already equipped with an effective filter makes a major difference. Or, talk to your technician to make sure that a filter upgrade won’t wreak havoc for your new air conditioner.

Upgrade to an APCO Air Purifier

You may instead decide to upgrade your HVAC system, outfitting it with a whole-home air purifier so that it catches all of those tiny particles that cause you and your family members the most trouble. An APCO air purifier has a UV lamp and other features that help to remove allergens, mold, germs, and odors from the whole home.

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