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How to Improve the Performance of Your Heating & Air System

Learn how the right service agreement can keep you comfortable both physically and financially.

If you haven't checked out modern heating and cooling service maintenance agreements, you may not realize how much today's system checks offer compared to those in the past. New industry developments and advanced tools allow technicians to quickly and efficiently check for problems while improving your heating and cooling unit's function.

Check out how these simple service calls keep your equipment running at top performance throughout the year:

  • Two visits a year: Because of Gastonia's weather, most properties are fitted with both heating and cooling equipment. Technicians ideally perform a service visit in the season before an HVAC unit will be needed, making sure it'll be running well when the time comes.
  • Mechanical and electric checkup: While many homeowners would notice a broken part, a NATE-certified HVAC technician has the training to recognize the signs of potential problems. Early wear or a sensor that's shifted too close to other components can become problems during seasonal use. Professionals can identify and fix any upcoming issues so you don't experience surprise breakdowns.
  • Cleaning, changing, and draining: Your HVAC equipment likely has filters, coils, drain lines, and pans that require regular maintenance. While these are jobs that can be handled by most homeowners, it's a convenience to have them performed by someone else. Once performed, your system will operate more efficiently all season long.
  • Fringe benefits: Many times enrolling in preventive maintenance plans gives you access to special bonuses reserved for loyal customers. These can include free filters and discounts on repairs or upgrades.

GSM Services service agreements provide many benefits that keep you comfortable throughout the year; contact us and enroll today.