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Why Isn't My Home Maintaining a Cool Temperature?

Learn how to maximize the return on investment for your energy bills.

Are your home energy costs going to waste? Are you annoyed by hot and cold spots found throughout your home? Do you find yourself cranking the cold air just to keep yourself from sweating? Obviously, your home has a problem. Let GSM Services help you regain comfort. Air sealing, among other tricks, will ensure the money you are paying for your home energy is keeping you comfortable year-round.

Here's how we'll do it:

  • A home energy evaluation determines where your conditioned air is really going. Many times, especially in older homes, the seals in ductwork weaken or your home develops cracks. A thorough evaluation by a professional company will help track where your money is going. Once identified, these problems can be solved so that every penny you spend toward home heating and cooling is put to its best use.
  • Performing air and duct sealing ensures cool air goes where it's needed. Many times, air and duct sealing can be handled by homeowners, but it's such tedious, exhausting work that you're usually better off hiring it out. Once air leaks in your home's construction are sealed, you'll retain the cooled air. Similarly, once ductwork connections are reinforced, you don't have to worry about all your air conditioned air cooling your basement or spaces in your walls. That cold air will make it to the rooms where it's really needed.
  • Checking and replacing insulation and related barriers protect your home in multiple ways. Attic and crawlspace insulation can be tricky. A barrier is needed in these areas to block moisture build-up. If placed incorrectly, moisture can damage your insulation. Not only can this lead to the development of mold, but it can impact your insulation's ability to do its job. In addition, homes that are more than 30 years old may be suffering from compromised protection.

Maximizing what you get in return for your home energy costs begins with a home energy evaluation; contact GSM Services to schedule a visit today.