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Why Is the Air in My Home Stale and Stuffy?

Learn how to prevent poor indoor air quality.

Your indoor air quality suffers due to lack of adequate ventilation and circulation. Some people close their homes up tight to avoid the pollution found in passing cars or coming from nearby factories, but, the truth is, there are many indoor contaminants that also pose a great risk. Even if you have your home secure from outside pollution, you still may need help maintaining a fresh and healthy environment inside. But how do you know when to be concerned about the factors impacting the indoor air quality inside your home?

The United States Department of Energy cites the following three issues as the most common problems affecting indoor air quality:

  • Poorly ventilated appliances: From your furnace and water heater to your dryer and stove, there are many appliances in your home that burn fuel and create harmful fumes. Some of them have spot-ventilation devices available, like range hoods or exhaust systems. Others rely on careful management. In any event, it's important to make sure they are all well-maintained to reduce your family's exposure to dangers like carbon monoxide. CO2 meters are also available to help pinpoint leaks before they become serious hazards.
  • Mismanaged moisture: The kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and attic pose the biggest moisture threats to your family. Left unchecked, built-up condensation and small leaks can lead to the development of mold and mildew. The mytotoxins they release have been linked to many diseases, some of which are life threatening. They're most well-known for causing problems with the respiratory and nervous systems.
  • Cleaning chemicals: The solutions you use to clear tubs and toilets of grime can do more harm than good when they aren't fully cleared from your home. The fumes from cleaning products can commingle to create poisonous combinations, or they can simply aggravate allergies and other existing health problems.

Air filters are useful in maintaining healthy indoor air. These devices use a combination of filters, fans, and sometimes ultraviolet lights to capture and destroy air pollutants and return clean, fresh air to your home's living areas.

Gastonia homeowners can get on top of this problem by contacting GSM Services to improve your indoor air quality right away.