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Can a Smart Thermostat Save Me Money on My Energy Bill?

You may be surprised to learn how smart thermostats can help you to maximize home energy use.

Smart thermostats are devices that control the heating and cooling of your home via Wi-Fi connection. They might sound futuristic, but they go a long way in lowering your home energy use today. The Nest was the first smart thermostat that generated a lot of consumer attention, and while it's a popular option, there are now new, more advanced models capable of saving you even more.

Consider the following ways these two popular options control HVAC services:

The Nest

  • As one of the first smart thermostats to gain much attention, the Nest is a super cool device that effectively manages heating and cooling based on manual adjustments, pre-programmed schedules, adjustments set via mobile device, or by predictive technology. That's right, it can set schedules based on previous activity, so that you wind up warmer without having to ask.

Honeywell Prestige IAQ

  • Honeywell smart thermostats are typically more functional in appearance, although they offer robust features the Nest doesn't have. If your HVAC system also controls humidity, for instance, you'll want an upgrade. There are also Honeywell models with geo-fencing that allow it to automatically adjust settings when no one is home.

Customers in the Gastonia area should talk with a NATE-certified HVAC tech before deciding on a smart thermostat. While these devices can cost a few hundred dollars, they're incredibly convenient and have energy saving - and therefore, money-saving features that can save you big over their life of use.

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