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Can a Geothermal System Heat My Water?

Using green energy to heat your water offers big benefits.

Green energy is more accessible than ever before. Where products in the past struggled to provide a real pay-off, today's solutions do an effective job of performing well while using less energy and creating less waste. Geothermal is a perfect example of how you can use green energy in your own home.

The Mystery of Geothermal Loops

If you're interested in using sustainable methods for keeping your home comfortable, look into the power of geothermal. Use the constant temperatures found underground to heat and cool the air in your home, as well as heat your water.

Loops of tubing are buried underground or underwater where they use the physical rule of displacement to warm or cool liquid running through the tubes. This liquid then circulates through the equipment in your home, converting the temperature of the liquid to the temperature of your indoor air.

By the same process, a geothermal loop can be used to warm water or radiant flooring. Green energy has become a household obsession, with greenwashing falling by the wayside and homeowners looking for real benefits. While geothermal takes quite an investment initially, it's nothing when considering how much longer lasting and energy efficient it is than traditional heating and cooling equipment.

Even better, geothermal system maintenance is minimal, because the unit is protected from the typical wear and tear that outside units are exposed to. Instead, the system is in the ground, snug as a bug. We've found our customers appreciate green energy systems like geothermal loops, because the transfer system is giving back as much as it takes. Good for the customer and good for the environment the ultimate win-win situation.

To learn how much you can save using geothermal loops or other modern green energy methods, contact GSM Services today. We look forward to helping you learn more about the latest in eco-friendly HVAC technology.