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The Importance of Proper Commercial HVAC Maintenance

When you own a commercial property, there’s a lot you have to think about on a daily basis. It’s understandable that you may let a few maintenance tasks fall through the cracks, but maintaining your HVAC system is something we urge you never to skip.

Can you imagine running your business without a working commercial heating and air conditioning system on the property? Proper commercial HVAC maintenance is so important for the life of these systems.

You should change filters regularly according to manufacturer’s instructions in order to keep airflow moving through your heating and air conditioning systems. But you must also call in commercial specialists a couple of times per year for a professional tune-up and inspection, for a few major reasons.

#1: You Can Save on Operating Costs

One big benefit of regular maintenance for your commercial HVAC system is the ability to save on the cost of running your systems. Running a commercial property is expensive as it is, and inefficient heating and cooling equipment only adds to this. HVAC systems are typically responsible for around 40% of energy use in a commercial building, but a complete tune-up can reduce this number significantly.

#2: Your HVAC Equipment Can Live Out Its Lifespan

When your commercial HVAC equipment receives a thorough tune-up each year, it’s more likely to live out its full lifespan. Most air conditioners last 10–15 years, and furnaces can last a bit longer. But when no one cares for these systems on a regular basis, small problems can spiral out of control and significantly reduce their lifespans. Studies have shown that systems receiving regular maintenance last for longer than those that don’t.

#3: The Heating and Cooling Equipment Won’t Need So Many Repairs

Finally, heating and cooling systems that receive regular tune-ups don’t need so many repairs throughout the year. If there is anything wrong with the system, a commercial technician will be able to catch it early so that you don’t need to worry about repairs in the middle of a busy work day.

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