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How Can I Keep My Heating Bills Down?

Make the most out of home energy expenses.

More of your utility bills go toward heating and cooling than any other use of home energy, so making sure your HVAC services are being put to good use is the first and best way to make your home more efficient. Learn how to cut down on costs, waste less energy, and be more comfortable all that the same time with one easy step.

Call the Doctor

You aren't sick now, but your home might be. Are your heating and cooling bills higher than expected? Does your system quickly cycle on and off? Do your home comfort levels leave you wanting regardless of what it says on the thermostat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you've got a brewing emergency on your hands, and GSM Services Dr. Energy Saver Division can help. Customers in the Charlotte, Gastonia, and Rock Hill areas can call on our experts to detect problems with their home energy plan. It's a fast and affordable way to do all of the following:

  • Run an energy audit on your property
  • Easily detect leaks and gaps in both ductwork and home construction
  • Learn how to use insulation more effectively
  • Get solution recommendations tailored to your structure's biggest problems
  • Support a locally owned and operated business

Sometimes, an action as simple as changing your furnace filter can save you a tremendous amount on your home energy bills each month. One YouTuber saved nearly 60 percent by switching to a filter that, while less dense, still filtered most pollutants from the indoor air. It didn't need to be changed as often either, leading to easier, more affordable upkeep and better performing heating equipment.

These are the types of simple home energy changes our professional team at GSM Services can point you toward. Let us help you cut back on your monthly bills and get more comfortable today.

Contact GSM Services to schedule your appointment to minimize home energy expenses. For more information about how air leaks may be costing you, see the graphic below.