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Why is there a draft in my house?

Where is your home energy really going?

You don't have to leave your doors open to experience drafts; home energy is lost due to a number of common problems found in the average home. Hiring a reliable HVAC service to perform a home energy evaluation is one of the ways to figure out what's really going on.

A few of the reasons you may be losing heat or experiencing drafts in your home are:

  • Improperly sealed window frames can be hard to troubleshoot. Worse, many homeowners assume the window itself is the source of the problem and replace it without doing further research. This results in a home with beautiful (and expensive) windows that still leak!
  • Leaky ducts can create drafts, and they can waste significant amounts of energy. The ductwork in your walls is meant to shepherd conditioned air where it's most needed. If there are holes or gaps that leak air into areas of your home where it's not needed, it can end up being too cold everywhere else.
  • Home air leaks are usually to blame when homes are suffering from the varying temperatures of draftiness. Air could be entering or escaping your home through dozens of cracks or gaps, costing you money every passing day. Common areas of air leaks are often around: outlets, baseboards, vents, and pipes or wires. Even the way your home is put together could be contributing to its draftiness, as joints and corners are always vulnerable to leaks.

If you've been experiencing cold spots or drafts in your home, schedule a home energy evaluation with GSM Services. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we'll find out the source of your problems in no time.