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3 Lessons About Commercial Heating and Cooling You Should Learn Before It's Too Late

Which mystery commercial heating and cooling problems are costing you money?

Your commercial heating and cooling expenses take up a good portion of your operating costs. Why not learn how to maximize every dollar you spend? A few surprising facts can significantly impact your profits, now and in the future.

  1. User error creates long-lasting problems. It's a frustrating part of running a business, but it's true whether you're making auto parts or playing chauffeur. Employees cost you money, and mistakes made with your heating and cooling equipment can add up quickly. Make sure that everyone with access to the thermostat really knows how to use it and an expert is handling the seasonal maintenance.
  2. Worn parts lead to big breakdowns. One of the most important reasons to hire HVAC pros for seasonal checks is the ability to put their expertise to work. Someone without specialized training may miss the signs of equipment that's about to go out. Inspections allow you to find out about needed repairs ahead of time and schedule them outside of your normal business hours.
  3. Regular maintenance lowers bills and increases comfort while protecting the environment. Part of regular maintenance is ensuring that you're using the right filters, cleaning your system coils, and making sure your drain pan and lines are clear. These help reduce the resistance your equipment experiences while forcing air throughout your property. Less resistance equals lower energy usage, less pollution, and lower bills.

Discover more secrets to commercial heating and cooling by contacting the experts at GSM Services for professional HVAC inspections as well as complete heating and cooling services.