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3 Tips about HVAC Air Filters You Can't Afford to Miss

How much of an impact do HVAC air filters make on your comfort and bills?

Your HVAC air filters keep dirt and debris from infiltrating your HVAC system and traveling throughout your home. They also protect the inner components from getting clogged, preventing excess strain and additional wear.

Cut back on your energy use and improve the quality of your indoor air with these three simple tips:

  1. Aim for an HVAC filter rating of MERV 5 or higher. Most of the filters you find on the store shelves rate below this level. Fiberglass filters only keep the largest particles from your conditioned air, meaning they do little to protect your lungs or your heating and cooling equipment. Going up a level to pleated filters will keep the air free of many mold and virus spores, as well as keep your system running well.
  2. Change thick filters at least once a month. As MERV ratings increase, so does air resistance. The more particles are in a filter, the harder your heating equipment has to work to push air throughout your home. Change your filters monthly to ensure your system uses as little energy as possible. You can help save the planet one house at a time by staying abreast of HVAC maintenance.
  3. Save HEPA filters for emergencies. Unless you have intense allergies or asthma, you probably don't need expensive HEPA filters, which often create a need for modified HVAC equipment. Look at lower cost filters with MERV ratings from 12 to 14 instead.

Learn more today. Contact GSM Services to find affordable, high-quality HVAC air filters for your heating and cooling system.