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Don't Let Faulty Heating Ruin Christmas! Some Basic Facts about Heating and Cooling Repair

How much do you know about heating and cooling repair?

Broken down heating and cooling equipment isn't just unnerving u2013 it can prove costly. The longer it goes without being fixed, the worse your problems can get. Address necessary repairs while they're still relatively affordable to manage, or do your best to prevent them by investing in seasonal maintenance.

Consider these surprising facts:

  • Many problems result from human error. Few things are as embarrassing as calling a technician only to realize you could have had heat the whole time you were waiting. There are a few ways you might inadvertently cause your heating system to stop working, and all it takes to fix it is undoing your own mistake. For instance, accidentally switching your thermostat to the wrong mode or failing to completely close its air filter compartment will keep even a perfectly functioning unit from kicking on.
  • A lack of electricity is a common culprit. Even the best gas furnace won't operate without the proper level of electricity. Vital components require electricity and without it, the furnace won't be able to heat your home. Even if you have a heat pump, you need electricity to flow through the thermostat and the condenser units for them to work properly. Quickly checking the batteries, breakers, or fuses at work may be all you need to get your system back up and running.
  • Tampering with equipment in the wrong way can be dangerous. Every fall and winter, there are homeowners who pay the ultimate price for doing work without proper training. Heating and cooling components rely on pressure and caustic chemicals to perform their jobs. These are dangerous elements and can hurt you, your loved ones or your property, so make sure you check with an expert before trying any advanced repairs yourself.

Have a need for immediate repairs? Want to schedule a maintenance call? Contact GSM Services for affordable financing options for heating and cooling services.