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Little Known Facts about HVAC Installation Service, and Why They Matter

What do you absolutely need to know before you schedule HVAC installation service?

The quality of your HVAC installation service can really make or break your experience with your new gas furnace. You may feel powerless in determining whether a job was managed well, but the experts at GSM Services have invaluable information to share to help you judge quality of installation. During your next heating and cooling installation, keep your eye out for the following:

Bids should only come after a thorough home evaluation.

Phone or online quotes aren't sufficient in gauging load size, or the amount of heating and cooling power your property needs. The features of your home, your location, and the existing insulation all determine how large of a system you'll need, which has a significant influence on your equipment and installation costs.

Ductwork is also determined by load.

Many homeowners consider ductwork a one-size-fits-all installation, but vents and ducts that are too small or too big for your equipment create pressure problems. These can lead to wasted energy as the system struggles to keep your home comfortable and may even require early replacement. Once your installer has calculated the proper load for your home, ask to see whether or not your ductwork is correct for the power you need.

Ducts should always be sealed.

Air duct sealing prevents leaks that take power away from your system and direct heated or cooled air to areas of your home where it's not needed. During the first HVAC installation for a property, this isn't usually a problem. However, if you're replacing an older system, you may have to ask your technician to go over your ductwork and seal any leaks that have developed.

Schedule a consultation for HVAC installation service today. The experts at GSM Services will do the work required to deliver an accurate quote.