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Be in control of your POWER!

We never truly realize how much we rely on our power until we lose it in a storm or from electrical failure. Power outages don’t always go out at the convenience of a homeowner. Consider a permanent solution to put you in control of your power. GSM Services offers a whole home stand by generator that will provide back - up electrical power until it is restored to the home. Here’s how it works. The generator is connected to your electrical panel in your home, runs on natural gas or propane and sits outside like an air conditioning unit. When the power is lost to the home the generator automatically senses it and starts sending power to the entire home. No one has to be home to flip a switch or make the transfer to the generator.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • They start automatically so you don’t have to haul a portable generator and then run extension cords through windows of your home.
  • Portable generators pose a risk for carbon monoxide if not vented properly.
  • Whether you are home or away, your power will remain running smoothly.
  • Our generators offer an option to control your generator with a mobile device when you are not home.
  • The whole home generator runs on natural gas or propane and is less expensive than gasoline.

GSM Services sells Generac brand generators and they are the #1 selling brand for whole home generators. Generac has nearly 60 years of experience in home electrical and back up generators.

The next time a storm hits your home, sleep peaceful and relax. Be in control of your POWER!

Call GSM Services at (704) 864-0344 or go online at to schedule a free estimate for a whole home generator.