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Temperatures are getting warm!

Yes, it's true. As a heating & cooling contractor, we are not disappointed when the weather heats up. In fact, we live for it. This is the time of year when all of us in the HVAC industry have the opportunity to shine. In the South, there is nothing more exciting to an air conditioning guy than multiple, extremely humid, 90 degree days in a row. Well, maybe there are some things more exciting but not many. As the weather heats up, what should you do to prepare? In short, tune up that cooling system. Research has shown that annual planned maintenance can reduce utility costs, extend the life of your cooling system and reduce the chance of breakdowns occurring. In fact, only your refrigerator typically runs more each year than your cooling and heating system but often is overlooked when it comes to having maintenance performed. Would you go years and years without having the oil changed in your car? Of course not, but many air conditioners go many years without even the air filter being replaced or cleaned and I can almost guarantee your home cooling system will run more hours in a Summer than your car will run during an entire year. Have a professionally trained technician perform a precision tune-up on your cooling system each year from a reputable heating and cooling company. If you don't know who to call, ask your friends and neighbors. Call a company you've heard of and ask for references in your area. Just before Summer, many companies will offer precision tune-ups at a discounted rate. It would be even better to take it to the next level and get signed up on an annual maintenance plan where two precision tune-ups are automatically scheduled. This takes the guess work out of getting this important task scheduled each year. Most companies offer priority service and discounts to their annual maintenance customers. It really is simple to do and if your system is old enough, a tune-up might completely pay for itself in energy savings. Better comfort, fewer repair costs, waste less energy and help save the Earth all at the same time.

Until next time, keep cool and comfortable.

The Comfort Team at GSM Services