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Do Different Types of Attic Insulation Really Affect the Cost of Heating and Cooling?

Are your heating and cooling costs going through the roof?

The attic of your home is a common location for heating and cooling loss. The type of insulation you use, and the way you use it, both have a huge impact on how well your home is protected against energy loss. Check the integrity of your attic insulation and consider what you will gain from upgrading it. Here are just a few options available when it comes to insulating your attic:

  • Spray Foam Insulation Foam insulation offers very easy to control placement and creates an airtight seal, making it perfect for precise applications. However, this method simply can't provide the circulation needed to use as a whole-attic solution. More extensive insulating options exist that will work better for a whole attic approach.
  • Blown Insulation This is an extremely affordable way to efficiently combat air leakage while cutting your heating and cooling costs. There are two main types of blown insulation: fiberglass and cellulose. Both of these types are installed exactly the same and provide you with a low maintenance solution to attic insulation. This is a popular approach to attic insulation in Gastonia as it provides what you need to keep your home comfortable all year round.
  • Super Attic System The ultimate approach to solving your home's energy loss and air leakage issues. Our Super Attic System utilizes rigid foam SilverGlo panels to fully seal the areas around rafters and within the gable ends resulting in uniform insulation placement in your attic. SilverGlo panels also act as a radiant barrier, thus further reducing your energy costs. This is a no maintenance home improvement that leaves your attic open and usable but effectively insulated. That is why we recommend it to our customers looking to save the most on their energy bills each month.

Call GSM Services to schedule an insulation check today, and ensure that you're getting the most from every dollar you spend on heating and cooling.