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14 signs that you need a complete home energy evaluation

Uncomfortable? Tired of high energy bills? Want to save money and have a better peace of mind of your homes comfort and value? If you answered YES! to any of these questions, YOU need a whole home energy evaluation.

14 Signs that you need a complete home energy evaluation

  1. Drafty rooms: Although the problem may be your windows, don't assume that to be the case. Convective currents (or just improper installations) are usually to blame.
  2. Rooms too hot or too cold: Having some rooms that are harder to heat or cool indicates problems with you insulation, ducts, or the heating and cooling system.
  3. Dusty rooms: It has to be coming in from somewhere! An improperly sealed home, leaky duct, and /or improperly balanced duct system are all potential culprits.
  4. Heating/cooling system runs continuously or turns on/off frenquently: This may indicate an overly leaky or drafty home or an oversized or undersized heating or cooling system.
  5. Asthma or allergies: Homes that are too leaky or drafty bring unwanted allergens into your home from outdoors - a sign that you may need to seal your home.
  6. Odd or musty smells: Musty smells usually mean mold. It doesn't take high concentrations of mold to create odors; microscopic and airborne mold affect your health. Moreover, it's usually the result of energy efficiency issues as well.
  7. De/humidifiers or pests: If you have to run a humidifer or dehumidifier, or you're treated your home for pest issues, you're probably treating the symptons and nt the source.
  8. Cold floors: This is usually a sign of problems with your insulation, ducts, weaknesses in the thermal and pressure boundaries, and /or am improperly sized HVAC system.
  9. Rooms over garages: These rooms are generally neglected, with consideration to the envelope of the home. Because of this, they're often riddled with energy and comfort issues.
  10. Cracks in walls: Although the blame usually lands on the settlement of the home, expansion and constraction from mositure levels and rotting crawl spaces can also lead to cracks in the walls.
  11. Paint pelling or blistering: This relates directly to the relative humidity in your home. If your home has excessive dryness or humidity; it's a sign of larger issues.
  12. Dirty around registers: This is an indication that condensation is occurring and collecting a higher amount of dirt. This is a good clue that other problems also exist.
  13. Crawl spaces: If you have a crawl space, you need an energy evaluation for many reasons. Energy loss, mold growth, temperature imbalance, rotting wood... the list goes on and on. Simply put, there is nothing good about a musty, rotting, drafty crawl space beneath your home.
  14. High energy bills: If you are experiencing high energy bills, making specific repairs to your home will save you money and make your home more comfortable and efficient.

To find out more, schedule your appointment now for a FREE whole home energy evaulation for a GSM Services Comfort Advisor to come take an extensive look at your home to give you the best choices for improvements to your home comfort and energy savings.