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It's Not Allergies. It's Residential Heating

How can your residential heating impact your health?

Allergy season is the worst and if you're suffering from allergy symptoms like sneezing, sniffling, and itchy eyes and skin outside of the usual spring allergy season, so much the worse. But if it's only fall or winter and you're dealing with allergy symptoms, it may not actually be allergies.

It could be your heating system.

Yes, while they do a world of good for the comfort of our homes, heating systems can also contribute to dry air, which causes a number of allergy-like symptoms. Find out whether your allergies could be linked to your heating, and learn about the steps you can take to improve your situation.

The Effects of Breathing Dry Air Mimic Allergy Symptoms

Your body suffers during the winter, when fierce winds and dry conditions put it to the test. These conditions can lead to sore and sensitive nasal passages, a scratchy throat, tender eyes, irritated skin or other symptoms commonly associated with colds and allergies. Your residential heating system can be modified, however, to prevent this problem through humidity control.

When the humidity level in your home is higher, not only will you find relief from dry air, but you'll also feel warmer even when your thermostat is set at lower temperatures. This can be accomplished through a furnace add-on or a freestanding humidifier. Talking with a HVAC technician can help you make the right investments for your home and your existing heating and cooling equipment.

Molds and Bacteria Travel Through Your Heating Vents

Another danger, however, could prove more serious. Mycotoxins and endotoxins released by mold and bacteria circulating through your ductwork can make you really sick. Fortunately through upgrading your furnace filter and changing it often, you will find this situation easily preventable.

Prevent against the aches and pains of a dry or dirty residential heating unit. Call GSM Services to discuss your most affordable solutions today.