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3 Ways a Home Energy Evaluation Can Show You the Big Picture

What do you learn from a home energy evaluation?

If you're struggling to stay warm while spending an arm and a leg on utility bills, it's time to schedule a home energy evaluation to find out exactly where your money is going. While some owners attempt to do evaluations on their own homes, others hire a local energy company for help.

Why go with professionals instead of DIY? Using special equipment, a qualified auditor or technician can pinpoint problem areas in your home. You'll receive a report highlighting the evaluation, which will detail several options to increase comfort and help lower your bills.

Here is what you can get from an energy auditor, like Dr. Energy Saver, that other options just won't provide:

  1. Professional energy auditors can manipulate the pressure in your home to find leaks. To simulate the wind leaking into your home, a tech uses special tools to decrease the pressure in your house before checking for leaks. Blow doors and digital reading equipment are then used to assess cold and warm points, as well as pinpoint places of entry.
  2. Professionals have access to gadgets, like infrared sensors and smoke line or pencil detection, for assessments. Professional energy companies have access to all the tools you need to diagnose exactly where air is getting in and out, as well as point out which fixtures and appliances in your home are using more electricity.
  3. Professionals can also evaluate your insulation. Home energy evaluation performed by a qualified tech is a thorough job. Your energy company might do a visual once over, whereas a reputable HVAC service will go the extra mile, even checking the insulation in your attic and crawlspace for problems.

See the benefits of a home energy evaluation firsthand. Schedule yours today with GSM Services.