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Weather Emergency Preparation Checklist

Weather Emergency Preparation Checklist

Be prepared for weather emergencies:

  • Listen to weather reports on radio / TV
    • “Watch” means severe weather is possible
    • “Warning” means severe weather is almost here
  • Follow advice for protecting yourself and your property
  • Evacuate if advised to do so by public officials

Be aware of weather emergency hazards:

  • Falling trees, utility poles, and buildings
  • Downed power lines – always assume the wires are live
  • Gas leaks
  • Flooding
  • Lightning

Develop a home emergency plan:

  • Prepare an emergency kit in case you lose power or cannot leave
  • Move to the safest part of the house
  • Bring in outdoor furniture, etc., if high wind or flood may occur

Be prepared for an emergency evacuation, if necessary:

  • Plan and practice home evacuation
  • Have emergency numbers at hand
  • Teach children when and how to call for emergency help
  • Identify a family meeting place and an out of area phone contact

Proper planning can help keep you safe!