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How HVAC Air Filters are Making Your World a Better Place

How can you choose the best HVAC air filters for the money?

HVAC air filters clear dust, debris, and contaminants from your indoor air. Unfortunately, most homeowners do just about everything, it seems, to make their filters less effective. They purchase the wrong kind for their systems or simply don't change them on schedule. You don't have to make these mistakes! Find out which filter is best for your home and how to put it to best use.

Getting to Know MERV

The heating and cooling industry rates air filters according to MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. These values tell technicians (and homeowners) how many particles the filters remove from the air. They also detail the size of particles they filter out, which has a significant impact on their usefulness. While MERV ratings of 5 - 8 will help keep a system efficient, those with ratings of 9 - 12 will help keep your indoor air clean by filtering out more particles.

Common Mistakes When Buying HVAC Air Filters

People tend to buy filters for one of two reasons, though the filters themselves can handle both jobs. Homeowners either want to extend the life of their HVAC systems, or they're primarily concerned with creating cleaner indoor air for their homes. Usually, people who fall into the latter group suffer from allergies or have other breathing or health problems.

Depending on the type of buyer you are, chances are you might make some of the most common mistakes during the buying process.

  • HVAC efficiency enthusiasts Homeowners who just want to keep their systems up and running often grab the lowest priced filter on the shelf in a big box store. They may change them regularly, even once a month, to make sure the job gets done. Sadly, these filters commonly have a MERV rating of 1 to 4, meaning they aren't capturing much of anything at all. They will not filter out enough particulate to maximize efficiency or extend the life of your system, so while you're spending more time and money every month on filters, you might be better off not doing that.
  • Health nuts Those on a quest for easy breathing usually go to the store and buy the thickest HEPA-rated filters they can find. Unfortunately, many products saying u201cHEPAu201d aren't really HEPA filters. Check out the MERV rating. The best models for filtering out particles will have ratings of 16 or higher. They also have to be changed more often to prevent damage to your HVAC system.

Talk with a NATE-certified heating and cooling technician to determine exactly the right filter for your home and budget. Consider how often filters need to be changed and what will happens when they aren't changed regularly. Clogged air filters create incredible resistance and wear on components.

Talk to GSM Services to schedule your visit today and find the right HVAC air filters for your equipment.