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Build your own Ductless HVAC System

What is ductless?

Ductless systems have a split design without all of the duct work. These systems are duct-free and usually have one outdoor system and can have multiple indoor units. Ductless systems are connected by a copper line set that are insulated lines that pump cooled or heated refridgerant to generate home comfort.

Benefits of Ductless:

Ductless systems are quite, smarter and Eco-Comfort technology. These systems allow you to control and adjust single rooms to maintain comfort without using extra energy to cool or heat other rooms that are not being used. These ductless systems sometimes called "mini-split" systems, allow you to zone your home and consume only the energy you need, all while maintaining consistent room temperatures.

Ductless indoor units are attractive:

Since these units are ductless, there are no air vents and returns needed like standard central ducted air conditioning systems. These units outdoor units (condensers) are typically smaller and less of an eye sore for the landscape area of your home. The indoor units (evaporators) come in 3 different styles that fit the look and layout of your home, floor mounted, wall mounted, and ceiling mounted.


If you are looking for a quiet, efficient, energy saving, HVAC system, design your own ductless system at Ductless America. We are able to give you a rough estimate based on your comfort needs and your home. Our Comfort and Energy Advisors will schedule a free estimate to make sure your specs are accurate and needs are met.

Visit Ductless America to built your ductless today! www.ductlessamerica.com