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If You Only Knew! The Truth About What's Lurking in Your Residential Heating Components

Did you know deadly mold could be living in your residential heating system?

Your residential heating system is both dark and warm, providing the perfect combination for the development of both bacteria and mold. In fact, the incidence of diseases caused by these infiltrators has been on the rise for the last 30 years. Appropriate sealing, humidity control, and air filtering can all help prevent this from developing into a serious problem in your home.

Indoor Pollutants and Growths

Since the widespread adoption of residential air conditioning and heating, people have stopped regularly opening their windows to allow new air to circulate through their homes. Airtight buildings filled with new carpet and paint, cleaning supplies, and small doses of outdoor air often suffer from low air quality. These particles are continuously circulated throughout your home until something specifically removes them from your air.

Worse, if water spills or leaks come into contact with mold or bacteria spores, everyone in your home is at a greater risk of developing serious illness. As mold grows, it releases mycotoxins. As bacteria grow, they release endotoxins. Both byproducts have been shown to attack the human body and not just by causing respiratory problems. Some of the indications of dangerous mold developing in your home are neurological, including memory problems, depression, anxiety, or immunity system problems. If you're fatigued, feeling sick all the time, or beginning to suffer from an autoimmune disorder, mold or bacteria could be to blame.

An effective filter can keep your air clean, and through reducing resistance, a filter can make your system more efficient and help it last longer. Changing your filter regularly can save money both by shrinking your monthly bills and through extending the use life of your HVAC equipment.

Call GSM Services to help prevent these problems from developing in your home. We can fit your residential heating system with the perfect filter and humidity control features to prevent mold or bacteria spores from staying in your home. Make the healthy choice and start breathing clean air today.