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The Green Factor: How to Make Your Residential Heating and Cooling Not Hurt the Planet

How can you make your residential heating and cooling eco-friendly?

Most homeowners don't realize the environmentally friendly residential heating and cooling options available today. For those who value the planet enough to use their HVAC system on an average basis, comfort and savings can be attained for a fraction of the carbon output.

Here are just a few ways to green your equipment:

Buy a Better Air Filter

There are two major mistakes that most homeowners make when it comes to air filters. First, most people buy the cheapest air filter they can find on the store shelf. Second, many homeowners don't change it as often as they need to (every 1-3 months).

Both of these actions create more wear and tear on your HVAC equipment. Worse, increased dirt and debris in the air leads to greater resistance, which affects efficiency. Your system will wind up using more energy than necessary to heat and cool your indoor air, increasing your energy bills as well.

Unless you need a HEPA filter, aim for a filter with a MERV rating, and change your filters on a monthly basis. This will help keep your home safe while costs stay low.

Upgrade Your Temperature Controls

From programmable to predictive thermostats, homeowners have many options for controlling temperature while they're on the go. Smart options allow you to adjust temperature while you're away from home, while other options track the weather and time of day to adjust your home's temperature on their own. These lead to gradual temperature changes and stable practices, both of which provide comfort while saving energy.

Consider Geothermal or Solar Upgrades

Solar power for HVAC systems has become much more efficient, and geothermal options provide staggering savings for extended use. Better yet, the government provides tax credits, rebates, and grants to help you pay for green improvements. Look into the Residential Renewable Energy tax credit, or do a search for statewide geothermal and solar initiatives.

GSM Services cares about the planet and our clients' comfort. We offer the products you need to feel good and do good. Contact us for more information today.