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The 3 Best Reasons an Indoor Air Quality Check Should Be on Your HVAC Service To-Do List

How can you protect your health using residential HVAC service?

Your residential HVAC service exists to keep you healthy and safe, but it's hard work in a home where toxins are present in the air. It is absolutely essential for property owners to schedule an indoor air quality check to ensure that there aren't elements around the house capable of making people sick. The last thing you want to deal with is Sick Building Syndrome.

Here are three reasons an air check should be at the top of your to do list:

1. Protect the young, the sick, and the elderly

Toxins pose risks for everyone, but they can be especially damaging to people with immature or suppressed immune systems. These toxins not only come from the outdoors, but also from the materials used to build homes, the paint on our walls, and the chemicals we use, ironically, to keep things clean.

2. Remove health hazards

We deal with many different kinds of toxins inside our homes. Some are worse than others. Molds, for instance, create mycotoxins capable of making even the healthiest person very sick. Similarly, bacteria create endotoxins, and when combined with the glue under carpet or latex paint, these byproducts can create Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) known to cause some serious health problems.

3. Make money-saving adjustments

After your professional indoor air quality check, you'll receive advice on improving air quality, along with the identification of noted contaminants. Based on the report, you can make any adjustments you need and you don't need to fear that all the adjustments will be expensive residential HVAC service recommendations. Simple things like buying houseplants can prove beneficial as you seek to improve the quality of your indoor air.

To find out the best residential HVAC service solutions for your property, contact GSM Services and improve your indoor air quality today.