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Energy Bills Soaring? Time for a Home Energy Evaluation

How can a home energy evaluation lower your bills?

Want to find ways to make your property more energy efficient? The EPA recommends having an expert perform a thorough check of your home when looking for. A home energy evaluation performed by a qualified auditor can provide you with many suggestions for improving your comfort and lowering your bills. Following an evaluation, most homeowners find ways to lower their monthly utility bills by up to 30%.

Installing Energy Efficient Lights and Appliances

Lights are a common source of energy loss because both the light fixtures and the bulb themselves can become outdated. Aging components and dated technology generally yield far lower levels of energy-efficiency than what newer lights and appliances provide. Other older appliances, like stoves, dishwashers, and more can also drain energy needlessly.

Luckily, this is a quick fix. New, affordable products can raise your energy efficiency without calling in an electrician. Furthermore, EnergyStar appliances combine research and manufacturer knowledge to create refrigerators, stoves, and other household items that retain their functionality while using less energy.

Creating a Barrier Around Your House

During a home energy evaluation, your technician will survey the exterior and interior of your home looking for any gaps and their resulting air leaks. You'll be given a report detailing exactly where these are located and the easiest ways to fix them. Some common issues found are gaps underneath eaves or located around the trap door to your attic. The integrity of your insulation will also be checked to ensure it's doing the best job possible.

Upgrading Heating and Cooling Equipment

The older your furnace, air conditioner, or water heater is, the more their efficiency rates decrease. While there are methods for maintaining and extending their use life, eventually all equipment wears out. An evaluation will help you decide whether you need to make changes to your existing maintenance plan or if it would be a better investment to replace older units with more efficient ones.

Schedule your home energy evaluation with one of the most reliable HVAC companies in the business. Contact GSM Services and start saving today.