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How Heat Pumps Can Be Game Changers in Residential Heating

Have you considered a heat pump for your residential heating unit?

When it comes to residential heating options, homeowners often skip straight to the furnace. It's a well-known option and easy to purchase. It's also overkill for most properties in Gastonia. Take time to learn about a more affordable option you could use to effectively heat and cool your home.

Affordable Heating and Cooling Solution

A heat pump consists of an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor heating element. It works by transferring heat, either from the indoors to the outdoors during summer or the opposite during the winter months. If temperatures drop too low outdoors, the indoor heating element kicks in to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout your house.

Using Your Heat Pump Properly

Unfortunately, in recent years there's been some confusion about how fully utilize these systems. Well-meaning utility companies encouraged people to switch to emergency mode power during cold spells to prevent damage to outdoor condensers. However, when temperatures drop low enough, a system set to supplemental mode will automatically make this switch on its own.

Turning your condenser off prematurely places increased strain on your indoor components, increasing your chances for needing replacement or repairs. It also steeply increases your residential heating costs. During winter, the two parts of your heat pump should work together to keep your home comfortable and keep your bills low.

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