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The 3 Biggest Secrets About Metal Roofing and Your Energy Use

Do you know the biggest benefits to commercial metal roofing?

Smart business owners put their money where it will matter the most. Per dollar, which type of roofing material will last and look good doing it? Which roofing type will keep your property safe? The answer, surprisingly for many business owners, is commercial metal roofing. The reasons may surprise you.

1. This isn't your grandpa's metal roofing.

The tin-style roofs of the past are still available, but few people put them on commercial or residential structures these days. Today's popular options of metal roofing include zinc and galvanized steel. Even aluminum looks good and lasts much longer than the cheap metal roofing materials that were popular before the advent of asphalt.

2. Quality has nothing to do with asphalt's popularity.

Many people assume the switch to asphalt roofing was made based on practical advancements: increases in strength, durability, damage resistance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even tin roofing surpasses asphalt in those areas. The reason these shingles grew in popularity boiled down to looks. They were available in more shapes and colors, giving home and business owners more freedom to fiddle with curb appeal. What material has more aesthetic options today? That's right. Metal.

3. You'll significantly lower your bills.

Over the course of its lifetime, your metal roofing will save you untold amounts on your monthly energy bills. The materials can last six decades or longer, while some asphalt shingles start deteriorating in as little as five years. Metal is resistant to damage by fire, hail, wind and lightening, and it doesn't mildew or mold. You'll find few reasons to repair or replace sections, but if you have to, know you'll spend less on labor because the panels can be easily removed and reinstalled. You'll also spend less on insurance, and in some instances, receive green business grants and credits for your purchase of a quality metal roof.

GSM Services is the Gastonia-area expert in residential and commercial metal roofing products. If you'd like to experience the real benefits, contact us today.