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How to Get the Most Out of Heating and Cooling System Installation

How can you maximize your heating and cooling systems from day one?

Proper installation of your heating and cooling systems will ensure they use less energy and perform better throughout the years they're in use. Mistakes made during this process can plague you for years, shortening the life of your equipment and leading to significant amounts of wasted energy and inflated bills. Thankfully there are only a handful of common installation mistakes, and looking out for them can help you get the most from your HVAC units their first day to their last.

Keep an eye on the following to enjoy a comfortable home and manageable utility bills:

  • Are they installing the right unit? Gas furnaces are a popular choice for many homes because they provide homeowners with impressive benefits at an affordable cost. It's probably a good idea to make sure you're getting what you've paid for. During busy seasons, it isn't unheard of for some installers to mistakenly install the wrong model.
  • Is your ductwork adequate? Unless you're building a new property, chances are your home already has ductwork in place. Unfortunately, gaps and leaks can occur over time. You may also be switching to a new size of equipment, meaning you'll have different airflow needs. Make sure your technician thoroughly inspects the ductwork and modifies it to suit your new system before installation.
  • Have you upgraded your thermostat? Today's latest models aren't just programmable; you can control them from anywhere using a Wi-Fi connection. Use your work computer or cell phone to adjust or monitor the current temperature in your home, or ask your technician about new predictive thermostats that set the temperature based on your habits.

Before installing your heating and cooling systems, schedule a consultation with GSM Services. We're saving the planet one house at a time by ensuring you get the most comfort while using the least energy.