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Metal Roofing, Done Smart. Here's How.

Have you really considered today's metal roofing options?

Most homeowners shy away from metal roofing because of the products they know from the past. Metal roofing has advanced and evolved from the product of the past that is often thought of. The truth is most metal roofing products today are hard to detect. They can be made in a wide range of shapes and colors. You can even select the type of metals you want to use. Before investing in asphalt, talk to roofing experts about all your options.

Choose the Right Materials

While tin roofing is available, it isn't what most companies mean by metal roofing today. Tin is the thinnest and least durable of your choices, so by all means, look at options like galvanized steel, aluminum, or zinc instead. Different metals have different properties and pricing.

Consider Secondary Expenses

Maintenance, replacement, repair costs, and even insurance premiums, all factor in to the true value of your new roof. Metal offers big benefits in all of these ways. In fact, your insurance company may offer discounts for a metal roof, as many are resistant to fire, hail, lightning, and other common sources of roof damage.

Check Out Designs

Once you see a selection of common metal roofing panels, you may be very surprised to realize the new house down the street isn't actually topped in cedar shakes, but metal instead. Metal can be molded in many styles, some that will even trick the casual observer. Weigh your options before deciding whether asphalt is the best choice for you.

Talk with the metal roofing experts at GSM Services about the real pros and cons of today's options.