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Do You Really Need Residential HVAC Service? This Will Help You Decide

How can you find affordable residential HVAC service? Get it when it's needed most.

Ignoring the need for residential HVAC service won't make your heat pump problems go away. In fact, any repairs or adjustments you need may become much worse after a few weeks of waiting. If you notice the following problems, call a repair professional ASAP.

Your heating bills have skyrocketed

It's normal for heating and cooling costs to impact your utility bills, but if you notice a sudden, significant spike, the outdoor components of your heat pump may have stopped working. This can be difficult to notice because heat may still be supplied from the equipment found within your home. This warmth is just obtained at a much higher cost, due to inefficient operations.

Alternatively, someone may caused your system to be put into emergency mode. This is a common and costly mistake. If that happens, you should be able to fix it quickly by adjusting your thermostat.

Your outside unit isn't running

Again, this may be traced back to a thermostat problem, but it's easy enough to tell by switching over to fan mode. If there still isn't any movement, it's time to schedule residential HVAC service. Don't panic! The answer could be as simple as your unit needing to be defrosted.

Emergency mode should only be used when you know there's a problem with your exterior heat pump unit, aka, in an emergency. Otherwise, keep your heat pump in supplemental mode. The interior heat source will automatically kick in when it's too cold for the outdoor component to heat your home on its own.

Schedule residential HVAC service for your heat pump today and enjoy a warm, comfy home all winter long.